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    How does auto-transportation work

    Vehicle and auto transportation relies on a network of small to medium transportation companies, or self-employed individuals with experience. We use a nation-wide network of professional transportation experts, whose sole job is to transfer your vehicle from location A to location B, intact and on time.

    Our goal as a renowned American shipping company is to connect you with the right people and guide you along the way so you can get the job done within a reasonable time-frame, without any inconvenience at your end. The pricing is based on the specifics of the job, if you’d like to get an estimation on the costs, we’d be more than happy to assist you in that regard.

    Ketty Raigott

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

    Transport and shipping company services

    What We Offer For You
    We work with veteran transport dispatches with vetted service history. Precise window of pick-up and delivery, no hidden fees or additional charges - best value to experience American transport company.
    50,000+ professionals nationwide
    We connect you with a wide network of professionals, at the best rates for the job. Full accommodation for non-operational vehicles.
    Customer comes first
    We ensure the safety of your property and the convenience of professional assistance anywhere in the US. This makes us the first choice when looking for a professional shipping company.
    High value
    Units and trailers, with accommodation for high value vehicles, carried out with extra care. Full insurance for high valued vehicles of up to $250, 000 in addition to carrier insurance.
    Full 50 States coverage
    Complete all year round service, including Alaska and Hawaii regardless of weather conditions or global prices.
    Flat fees
    We are known for being the most affordable, cheapest shipping company in the US. We provide base fees for the most convenient and honest transport services in the country.

    Looking for transport company services? You want a vehicle transported on time, safely and within the desired deadline? is one of the top shipping companies, known as a specialized auto-transportation platform which connects you with the best in the industry. We make it easier for you to get your vehicle at the desired location, on time, at the best rates possible.

    If you find yourself asking the question “Where can I find a transport company near me?” then we are the American shipment company for you. We are also the answer to the question “Which shipping company is the cheapest?” – We provide the best prices and the lowest transport times in the industry – see for yourself.

    Regardless if you’ve just bought a car at an auction across the country and want it transported, or you are military personnel and are relocating to a new base, we have you covered. We provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide how first-time users can streamline the process and get the desired results, hassle-free.

    Step 1
    Secure the vehicle and make sure it works
    Step 2
    Set a personal deadline for the pick-up and delivery
    Step 3
    Contact us, and provide the relevant information for pick-up and delivery
    Step 4
    Make sure the vehicle prepared for pick-up at the given location
    Step 5
    You or your representative have to be present at the pick-up and drop-off of the auto.

    These 5 steps are a necessary part of the service, however, there is much more to it. Along with an insurance policy for your vehicle of up to $250,000, we also provide contact with the transport company and the driver, so you can have information regarding the drop-off date and any changes in road conditions which could affect your deadline.

    What sets us apart from the rest

    As a leading specialized service transport company, we provide a comprehensive service which ensures that your vehicle arrives at the desired location safely. Our outreach covers a full nation-wide network of transportation companies and contractors, who we actually vet and know to be reputable and trustworthy.

    Our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that your prized possession will be taken care of and safely delivered to anywhere in the US, including Hawaii and Alaska. As a part of that effort, you can choose from 2 different transport types – open and closed, both of which have their place in the industry for a variety of reasons like price, safety and convenience of transportation.

    The USTrans Guarantee

    As a US based company, we realize that your time is precious, our goal is to handle the logistics of your transportation job, in the allocated time-frame, with the exact budget you have in mind. Feel free to contact us at any time, for additional information, assistance with booking or a suggestion on how we can improve our service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much will it cost to move a car from A to B?

    The price is based on the size of the car, the type of trailer required for it, the location of the pick-up and delivery, the time of year and the overall rates that the truck contractor will give us. The details of a pricing of any particular move are not speculative, however, due to the personal nature of your particular requirements and job details, all estimations are done on a job-by-job basis.

    Why should I use your service instead of others?

    Because we provide a personal approach which takes into account the deadline, budget and the preservation of property. At the end of the day, the final decision is yours, but if you are looking for a safe, hassle free car transportation job, where you won’t have to worry about the annoying details, then is for you.

    Do you provide express shipping?

    Yes we do. Express shipping is a specialized service which accommodates your needs for any type of auto or vehicle, including pickup trucks, motorcycles and even trailers. For an express shipping job, we use highly skilled trucking contractors who have the experience and availability of transportation platforms to accommodate your needs to any location in the US.

    What do I do if my delivery is late?

    Contact the USTrans customer service for additional details on the delivery date and the reason for the delay. In cases where it is possible, we provide contact information for the dispatched trucking unit as well as the driver so he can update you regarding the delivery time.

    If you are present at the pick-up location, it’s absolutely accepted to share contact information with the driver(s) so you can keep in touch. We are working towards providing GPS tracking for deliveries.

    Can you guarantee the pick-up date?

    Yes, we can, however, only if you use the express shipping service which is optimized towards the precise pickup of the vehicle. Delivery dates, however, may vary due to extraordinary circumstances which there are no ways neither we nor the carrier of your choice, can predict or prevent.

    Such circumstances may include inclement weather, roadwork, bad condition of a vehicle which has been picked up from a dealer or an auction. The only one who can give you a proper estimate on the delivery time is the carrier and the driver of the semi-truck.