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With close to 9 Million produced cars in 2020, 1 Billion registered cars, 18,000 dealerships 140 auto auctions and countless online car selling online platforms no wonder auto transport services to all 50 states are at high demands. Over 25,000 licensed car carrier companies and over 1500 auto transport management companies are managing the entire car shipping industry.

Vehicle transportation services

Here are the most common car transport reasons:

  • Relocating out of state due to a job offer, college enrollment, military deployment, snowbirds temporary move and many more;
  • Placing an online winning bid at an out of state auto auction;
  • Purchasing a new or used car from an out of state dealership;
  • Selling a car out of state on Ebay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc.
  • Sending a car for repair, modifications or to a track day event;
  • Shipping a vehicle to a relative;
  • Corporate spot moves by dealerships, auctions, repossession companies, rental companies, insurance companies and all other corporations that carry fleet
  • Enhancing an exotic, super car or restoring a classic car project — we ship them all

Regardless of the circumstances, reasons or distance with our experience and expertise furnished with the best auto transportation platform your shipping needs are in indutsry’s best hands. Our transportation company works with all vetted professionals in the field for the best rate possible. USTrans is among the best car shipping companies in your area.

How to choose the correct transport type?

Generally car movers carry two types of vehicle transport services – open trailer transport and enclosed car transporters. Which transport type is the right one for you? It all depends on your budget, your urgency, your locations and last but not least your vehicle type and vehicle condition.

“You shouldn’t have any hesitation when you pick the open transportation service. It’s the cheapers and the most common type of transport. You don’t have to worry about leaving your car in the open during transport. Keep in mind that even dealerships are using an open auto transport trailer all the time to stock up their lots with the newest inventory.
On the other hand enclosed transportation service is used mostly for luxury, exotic and restored classic cars. It’s roughly 40-50% more expensive and it’s much harder to arrange due to the fact that in the US around 5-7% of the trailers in the auto transport industry are enclosed."

How does shipping cars work?

First, you have to book an order. Next, a professional auto transport carrier arrives to pick up your vehicle from an address that allows an 18-wheeler to enter, safely stop for vehicle pick up operations and exit to the main road. Should you happen to ship an inoperable vehicle – it has to roll, break and steer, we’ll ensure to arrange an equipment with a winch – make sure to mention that to our sales rep.

It is still possible to transport your vehicle in case it is inoperable and it doesn’t roll properly. Then a specialized equipment, such as a vehicle forklift, should be arranged by you or the pick-up contact, so the car could be safely lifted and loaded onto the open trailer. Not all car shipping services companies like to deal with such hard moves, but we have no problem with this.

The pick-up of your car will occur on a certain date and you’ll be informed via phone and email about it. Your pick-up contact will then be contacted directly by the trucker to arrange the exact time and convenient for the trucker location to safely load the car.

At booking you provide us with a convenient for you or the pick-up contact window of dates. We ensure the carrier arrives within the desired timeframe. Once picked-up the driver will deliver your car as quickly as possible. Some carriers have shorter pick-up and delivery transit times than other companies. We strive to work with the fastest ones.

How are car shipping quotes calculated?

Along with distance, transport type, vehicle dimensions and weight the car moving companies take into account the current market demand. Once you receive your quote estimate you have 7 days to submit your order. After that the price may follow the change in the market demand. Consider these other factors as well:

  • Seasonality and time of year of your vehicle transport;
  • Current market demand;
  • Transport type;
  • Vehicle size, weight and modifications;
  • Number of vehicles that require shipping.

It is not uncommon that auto moving companies change the prices of the quote estimate even after the order was booked. USTrans guarantees the quote prices for 7 days and doesn’t increase the cost of service keeping the booked price, as long as there is no misrepresentation of the vehicle, contacts availability and conditions of the required shipping service.

As one of the best car shipping companies, the team will be by your side at each step of the way to ensure you get the best service possible. Amongst the renowned auto shipping companies our years of experience and logistics superiority help us to steer away from any delays possible.

Shipping cars is a complicated task that requires years of experience and expertise which we have. You can trust us with your vehicle as the most reliable and proven vehicle shipping companies out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of vehicles does USTrans transport?

USTrans specializes but is not limited to all types of sedans, crossovers, SUVs, minivans, pick-up trucks, passenger and cargo vans & motorcycles.

How much does it cost to ship a car from New York to Lost Angeles?

$1675 open transport for an empty and running vehicle would ship your vehicle from New York to Los Angeles.

Do I need to sign a contract?

We don’t require contracts, but you’ll have to fill out a credit card authorization form, authorizing USTrans to charge your credit card once a truck is dispatched on your order. Despite any upfront payments are fully refundable if you decide to cancel prior trucker’s dispatch.

Can I book the auto transport service in advance?

Absolutely, you can book your auto transport months in advance. We’ll do our best to ship your car for the booked price, but be aware that’s not always possible, as prices do fluctuate occasionally.

Is sea transport included in the service?

Yes it is. Sea transport is part of the entire logistics service when your vehicle is shipped from/to Hawaii or Puerto Rico. You can receive more information and get a quote at (708) 300-0063 or .

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