Auto Transport

As one of the biggest manufacturers and users of cars in the world, the US has a huge demand for relocation and auto transport services to all 50 states. With more than 1 billion vehicles currently active in the US alone, it’s no surprise that people in all states are looking a way to effortlessly transfer their auto to a different address.

When is the service necessary

There are many different reasons why a person would choose to have a car transported from one location to the next, the most common being:

  • Relocation to a different address and/or state;
  • New purchase at an online auction out of state;
  • Sending a car to a relative out of state;
  • Car dealership increasing their car park numbers;
  • Exotic or super car relocation;
  • Vehicle is heading to a mechanic out of state;
  • Car being sold to a buyer.

Regardless of the circumstances, the reason or the distance of the relocation, our auto transportation platform will connect you with the right transportation company. This saves you the time to look and search for a service which is constantly on the move, you won’t have to struggle finding the best rate possible, but will automatically be paired with vetted professionals in your area.

How is the service carried out

The details of the transportation service entirely depend on the type of vehicle which you will be having transported. If it’s a regular sized family car, you can book an open auto transport trailer since the dimensions of the car are not as demanding as a FORD F150’s would be.

We connect you with a professional auto transport carrier who will pick up your vehicle from its address as long as your area allows for the safe maneuvering of an 18-wheeler. You have to make sure the vehicle is operational, is rolling, steering and breaking before the transport arrives, or in cases where it is not, you need to let us know in advance – a winch will be provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of vehicles can USTrans transport?

Anything from a pick-up truck to a motorcycle, ATV, family sedan, SUV, super cars, muscle cars or regular sized cars. The type of vehicle will dictate what sort of transport trailer is best suited, which will affect the price and the time of delivery, based on availability.

How much will an auto transport from New York to Lost Angeles cost?

The price is determined by the state of the vehicle, its size, the trailer you book, the time of the year and the availability of contractors and dispatched vehicles. Our goal is to alight all of these factors to meet your budget and the time-frame for delivery you are looking for.

Do I need to sign a contract?

All contract related questions are best answered by official communication channels, since it all depends on the specifics of the job at hand.

Can I book an auto transport in advance?

Yes, you can book an auto transport months in advance, however, the final price might fluctuate since we cannot guarantee that the contractor who quoted us will be available at that particular time.

Is sea transport included in the service?

Yes it is. Partial sea transport is provided when transporting vehicles to Puerto Rico or Hawaii, however, whenever possible, road transport is used since it’s the fastest way possible. Give us a call for further information.