Alabama Car Shipping

Alabama, also the home of the great Alabama Crimson Tide football team, is the 22nd largest state in the US. It’s positioned in the southeastern part of the US, bordering Florida south and Tennessee in the north.

It’s one of the fewest states to have direct access to the Gulf of Mexico and has the second largest natural waterway network in the States.

Given its position on the continent, Alabama is one of the best-connected states, providing access to six different major interstates I-10, I-20, I-59, I-85, I-65, and I-22.

Given its well-maintained road network it’s a great, relatively low-cost state to book car shipping services to and from. In terms of auto transportation, the team provides many opportunities for car shipping to and from Alabama, including all of it’s major and minor cities and of course Huntsville and Montgomery.

Cost of Car Shipping To and From Alabama

Interstate transport fees for Alabama are low, providing your vehicle is close to the major six interstate highways or the other 19 total major highways.

In terms of intrastate transportation of motor vehicles, the team provides many frequent opportunities for specialized and general transportation of large and small vehicles.

The cost to ship to or from any major Alabama states depends on several general and state-relative factors. The general factors which determine the price of the service are:

  • Time of the year;
  • State of the vehicle;
  • Total distance for car shipping;
  • Specific deadline and car handling requirements.

In terms of some state-specific factors which may decrease the price of the service, we consider the following to be the most relevant:

  • Booking with an Alabama shipping company;
  • Price reduced due to car proximity to major highway;
  • Delivery destination close to major highway;
  • No river crossings or major road delays.

Auto Transport From and To Montgomery, AL

Shipping a car to or from Montgomery, Alabama to any other city in the state or any other city in the continental US, is really easy. It does require some preparation on your part, but nothing major that would make the service difficult.

All shipping providers require that clients provide some written or spoke report of the vehicle’s condition. It gives us an idea of what sort of equipment is required to put the vehicle on the trailer.

We also provide auto shipping services to and from Montgomery from auction houses, dealerships and other locations without your presence. All you have to do is make sure the vehicle is ready to be picked up between certain dates, so we can accommodate your needs to the best of our abilities.

Transporting a Vehicle to or From Huntsville

As the largest city in AL, Huntsville is by far one of the most frequented destinations for our services. With its relatively well-connected road networks, our team can provide the full car shipping package.

We ship to and from all of the incorporated and unincorporated areas of the city, including areas which border the greater metropolitan Huntsville area, such as:

  • Madison;
  • Athens;
  • Decatur;
  • Triana;
  • Owens Cross Roads;
  • Harvest; Meridianville;
  • Moores Mill;
  • New Market;
  • and Redstone Arsenal.

With Redstone Arsenal clients we specialize in military transportation services which you can out on the service page. Be sure to check with and receive a free price estimation for your car delivery and transportation service to and from the Crimson Tide state.

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