Alaska Car Shipping

While Alaska might be the hardest to reach and most isolated of all 50 US states, it’s still very much American.

The desire to conquer new lands and find new frontiers is deeply imbedded into the people of Alaska, which is why we do provide a low-cost car shipping service by road to the state and its major cities.

The State is connected with mainland US through its sole highway, the AlCan (Alaska-Canada highway), which spans more than 1,390 miles. It’s beginning point is intersected by several major Canadian highway networks in Dawson Creek, British Columbia – the AlCan terminates in Delta Junction, AK.

There are many parts of Alaska which are not interconnected by road, making it difficult to navigate or deliver any major supplies. While it is difficult to transport a car to or from Alaska, the team makes it not only doable, but also possible and relatively lost-cost.

Price of Shipping a Car From or To Alaska

The price of shipping a vehicle from Alaska to the lower 48 states, or from Washington state, to Alaska, takes a long time. Due to the far distance of at least 1,390 miles, the journey will take several days to complete from even the closest of starting and finishing points.

This is why the price of car shipping to Alaska is higher than that of other states, however, if you are looking to move a vehicle, this is the only relatively lost-cost way to do it.

There are other transport options, like car ferries from ports on the West coast, however, those tend to generally be more perilous for the car.

Due to high salt amount in the air and water, special precautions must be taken before shipping a car through sea-fare. There are several major factors which will determine the price of car transportation services to or from Alaska to mainland US, including, but not limited to:

  • Overall distance;
  • Road network availability;
  • Time of year (winter takes longer to ship);
  • The prices of the market;
  • Current workload and available transporters.

Auto Transport from or to Juneau

Juneau is the capital city of Alaska, however, it is not connected by road to the rest of the state with the only access being by sea. While it is the administrative center of AK, it is not as frequent of a destination as Anchorage.

Since it’s not on the road network, we do provide a specialized car shipping and delivery service to the city, which take longer. Despite the increased difficulty, our team always provides the desired results on a timely and low-cost manner – check with us for availability and price quotes.

Getting a Car Delivery From or To Anchorage

While Juneau is cut off from the rest of Alaska, Anchorage is far easier to reach by road. This is our primary delivery destination when entering in the great Yukon. Two major highways pass through the city – the AK-3 and AK-1, providing easy access to the city from several directions.

There are also minor road connections to the city which are relatively easy to access and use even with large trailers, which means that if you want to ship a car from or to AK, Anchorage is the place for you.

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