Arizona Car Shipping

As the 6th largest by land mass and the 14th most populated state in the US, Arizona is one of our most major car shipping destinations to date. It being the home of the Arizona Cardinals and the Grand Canyon National Park, it’s also quite a common destination for vehicle delivery.

It’s a famous retirement destination, due to its dry climate, with lots of people migrating to well or less known areas of the state. The state has several weather systems and sub climates, from desert and near desert climate, to alpine forest and ski resorts like Flagstaff, Alpine, and Tucson.

In terms of the provided car transport services, it is a well-connected state, with lots of interstate highways passing through it like the I-8, I-10, I-15, I-17, I-19 and I-40. The I-10 is the longest interstate which travels from east-west, passing and serving the capital and most major city – Phoenix, AZ.

This makes Arizona one of the best states to transport a car from or to, especially during winter months since they are quite mild and pose little to no difficulty for the well-prepared hired transport teams.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car From and To Arizona, AZ

The cost of hiring auto transport services to and from Arizona are relatively low when compared to more distant states. There are two categories of factors which may determine the price of the service – state-specific factors and general service factors.

The general service factors which will determine the price of shipping a vehicle to Arizona are:

  • Absolute distance from point A to point B;
  • Short deadlines;
  • Carrier availability;
  • Overall market prices;
  • Period of the year.

Due to the dry weather of Arizona, the latter does not affect prices for intra state transportation, however, it may affect the overall pricing of shipping a car through winter-bound states like Montana.

The state specific factors which affect the pricing of the service are as follows:

  • State-wide fires;
  • High traffic pick-up locations (mainly Phoenix);
  • Distance of pick up or delivery location from major highway network.

Due to the popularity of the USTrans service in Arizona, it is quote important to note that during peak months the prices might be higher.

What are the Challenges of Auto Transport to Phoenix, AZ

As the biggest and simultaneously capital city of Arizona, Phoenix is by far our highest volume destination in the state. The challenges of picking up and delivering a vehicle from the great city of the Cardinals, are the high traffic and heavy congestion areas.

It’s extremely challenging to drive an 18-wheeler into a densely populated area with narrow roads, luckily Phoenix, AZ is also services by the I-17 and I-10, as well as numerous state highways on all sides of the city.

This means that prices for shipping a car to Phoenix or from the city to other cities or states, is relatively low-cost and low-effort. For the best prices and auto transport services, you can always count on – the finest car shipping service in all 50 states.

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