Connecticut Car Shipping

Connecticut is one of those quite, pleasant states which lots of people aspire to live in. Originally one of the 13 colonies, this state boasts a vast road network of interstate highways and state highways, making it a dream for vehicle transport companies like

It is a part of the tri-state area along with New York and New Jersey, Connecticut falls into the I-95 region, which can sometimes get quite congested during rush hour periods due to its tree-lane patches.

As an experienced car shipping company, the USTrans team knows when to avoid these areas, providing all Connecticut, Hartford and Bridgeport clients with timely delivery or pick-up times.

It’s rich historic heritage and its diverse population make it one of the most desirable states on the East Coast of the US.

What Determines the Cost of Auto Transport to Connecticut

As the third smallest state, Connecticut has a relatively rich road network which interconnects even the smallest towns. This means that the overall time spent not travelling on a major roadway is quite limited, meaning this state is one of the lowest-cost states to book an auto transport service to or from.

The state has a rich industrial history, with its most populated city – Bridgeport, being the epicenter of early industrial growth, known for its metallurgical exports all around North East and Canada.

A lot of the old roads have either been expanded or changed altogether, meaning this state is easy to navigate and traverse, forgoing the issues that some other New England states have.

The cost of the service is mainly determined by the following:

  • Traffic congestions;
  • Lack of alternative routes;
  • Shirt deadlines;
  • Specific car care requirements;
  • Time of year – summer is the busiest time of the year.

Aside from the following, this precious quaint state is a dream to book a car transportation service from or to. It’s extensive used and new car market is our main client, with relatively high demand all year round.

Specifics of Car Transportation to and from Bridgeport, CT

As Connecticut’s most populated and largest city, Bridgeport is a main focus for our services. The city itself has a relatively well-developed road network, with connections to major interstate highways like the I-95, I-84, I-91 and I-395 being easy to access all year round.

This means that clients looking to ship a car to Bridgeport or from it, will have an easier time finding good fares even during peak season and high market demand.

Is it Hard to Get a Good Car Shipping Service in Hartford, CT

As the state’s capital city, Hartford also proves to be extremely demanding on our company resources. We’ve seen a big spike in service demand over the past few years and so have developed our company network to reach into the city, giving every person ample opportunity to have their vehicle/vehicles transported at a fare rate.

Major road connections such as the I-84 and I-90 and I-91 means easy access from and to the city, making fairs quite low even during peak market demand in that area.

You might be asking yourself “How do Prices of Car Shipping to CT Compare to Other States?” – the answer is that the small size of the state does have a positive effect on driving the prices, especially if the service is booked for intrastate use.

For the full story and an accurate quite, contact the team today and get your Connecticut vehicle shipped ASAP for the lowest fees around.

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