Delaware Car Shipping

As the second smallest and the third least populated state, Delaware proves to be quite a joy to work from and to. As an experienced car shipping service, we at provide the full range of services as we do to all other land connected states.

With a history as rich as its cultural heritage, Delaware is a small, but very densely populated state, with it’s two major cities of Dover and Wilmington making up at least 15% of the total population of the state.

While small, it has a very good road connectivity system, making it easy to get into and around all main residential areas. Major highways include I-495, I-95, I-295 as well as U.S highways U.S. 9, U.S. 13, U.S. 40, U.S. 113, U.S. 202, and U.S. 301.

With a state that small, the overall cost of shipping cars to and from it are relatively low, especially if the service is booked for intrastate use only.

Cost to Ship a Car to and from Delaware

To ship a car can sometimes be expensive unless you use an efficient and cost-effective company such as USTrans.

It’s our job to provide you with the best prices and shortest delivery times, especially in Delaware. Considering it’s the second smallest state by land mass and the third smallest in population, Delaware is often quote inexpensive to ship vehicles to or from.

Due to its major road connections such as the I-95 and I-295 and its proximity to larger, more populated states such as New Jersey and New York, it’s also quicker to get a local transporter to assist with the job.

How is Auto Transport to Dover, DE Different Than Other Cities

As the capital city of Delaware, Dover is positioned in a relatively central location in relation to other minor or major cities in the state. It’s a home to quite a lot of colonial history, natural wildlife reserves and one of the largest professional motorways for NASCAR racing.

Its streets are relatively wide, meaning it’s easy to maneuver a large vehicle such as the carrier which will be picking up or delivering your vehicle to your drop-off point. This means it’s quite easy and convenient to use a car shipping service.

In terms of accessibility, it might be considered out of the way weren’t it for its major road connections to interstate highways such as Route 13, Delaware Route 1 and Delaware Route 8 which is the main passage in an east-west direction.

Is it Hard to Car transport to Wilmington, DE

Wilmington, DE is quite easily one of the easiest of cities in Delaware to get to. It’s proximity to Philadelphia and connection to I-96, I-295 and I-495 means the city is quite well connected.

As the largest and most densely populated city in DE, Wilmington is often our most requested DE end or starting point of any car shipping trip.

Due to the easy access, we are able to provide the full range of our services there – from expedited shipping to enclosed car transport – for the best service in the US check out