Florida Car Shipping

Florida car shipping company

Florida is always an interesting place to visit due to its interconnectivity of more than 1,495 miles of interstate highways and 10,601 miles of non-interstate highways all throughout the state. It’s the third most populous state in the US and it is the 22nd largest state in total land mass.

It’s considered one of the narrowest states, meaning that traversing it east-to-west or vise versa would take much less time than in other states. This is why Florida proves to be a central hub for quite a lot of auto transport service, including USTrans.com.

Due to the often mild weather, the lack of freezing winters and the presence of sunshine, this is also one of the easiest states to deliver to. In a 2015 survey, Miami proved to be the top destination for retirement.

The numerous army bases, air force bases and army installations dotting the state also prove to be quite a big market for auto transport services. Regardless if you are a service member, a veteran or a hardworking retiree – USTrans is your best bet for quick, cheap and easy car shipping to Florida and its major cities.

Finding the Cheapest Price for Car Shipping To and From Florida

The prices of the service are quite affordable, despite the sometimes long treks even in the state itself. Due to the many major road connections and the presence of well maintained roads, the lack of congestions along the I-95 around the north part of the stat, also means easy access to northern states like the Carolinas.

Florida is known for its extensive car culture, with the state ranking among the 3rd most petrol thirsty states, only behind Texas and California. This means that there are a lot of drivers, which means that there are a lot of cars – sometimes those cars need to be transporter not under their own power.

There is also an extensive used and new car market in the state, especially along the Atlantic Ocean – a hub for fresh new imports from Europe, Mexico and Japan.

The prices of car shipping to and from Florida can depend on several factors, like:

Surprisingly enough to most consumers, higher demand doesn’t always mean higher price – this is due to the fact that 18-wheelers transport multiple vehicles at once. If there is local demand near you at the time of the booking, the carrier can accommodate you and those around you, making it more cost-effective for the company – at the end of the day that’s good for all sides.

Booking Inexpensive Car Transport Services From Tallahassee, FL

As the capital city of FL, Tallahassee is positioned along the I-10 going east-to-west, connecting to the I-95 which goes south-to-north, allowing for easier, higher speed access to other major areas of the peninsula. In terms of availability, Tallahassee sees all year-round availability of servicing, meaning prices for car transport services there stay relatively stable and predictable.

Several Good Reasons to Book Your Car Shipping From or To Jacksonville, FL

As the largest and highest in population city, Jacksonville, FL is a central hub for quite a lot of car transporters sent from USTrans.com. We work with professionals in the area to serve all major Florida cities, from Miami, to Orlando, Fort Myers, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Gainesville.

Jacksonville is positioned at the northernmost point of the state, at the junction of two major interstate highways – I-95 which goes up north through Georgia terminating in Woodstock, Maine.

This means quite easy access to the overall interstate system and access to other parts of the country – meaning lower rates for Jacksonville customer who’ve chosen USTrans.com as their go to car transport service to Florida.