Idaho Car Shipping

Idaho car shipping company

Shipping a car to or from Idaho can be quite easy, especially in Spring and Summer months which are the peak market demand periods of the year for all Idahoans. While it’s one of the larger states, positioned at number 14, it is also one of the least densely populated ones.

This will have an affect on the prices of the service in peak market season, since it will actually make it easier for you to find a carrier who will be shipping vehicles near you.

To ensure that you receive the best service possible when shipping from Idaho, hires local contractors and carriers who are familiar with the state and can easily navigate its many roads and interstate highways.

The state is crossed by five major interstates I-15, I-84, I-86, I-90, I-184 as well as four north-south bound federal aid highways and five of the same kind going east-west and more than 109 state highways.

This makes it one of the better oriented states in terms of infrastructure, even rural areas receiving regular road maintenance and access to major state and interstate highways.

Costs of Car Transport Services to/from Idaho

The overall cost of the service depends on the conditions in the area of drop-off or pick-up as well as:

  • Total distance traveled both ways;
  • The vehicle type;
  • The conditions for transportation;
  • Condition of the vehicle;
  • Toll road payment requirements;
  • Pick-up location and proximity to major highways.

Most carriers prefer not to go off too far from major road networks just as interstates, so if your vehicle pick-up location is in the range of 80 miles from any such highways, your price will probably be lower.

For rural clients the prices are generally higher, which is why the USTrans team recommends that you transport your vehicle to an easier to reach location, if the price of the service is something you find important.

The Specifics of Car Shipping From and to Boise, ID

As the capital and largest city in Idaho, Boise is our most visited city, with more than 2 thousand registered and completed orders from the capital city this year alone. Due to its location and the connection to the I-84, Boise is pretty easy to get in and out off.

We’ve established a pretty good relationship with reputable carriers in the area who are on stand-by as we speak to take care of your auto-transportation needs from and to Boise, ID.

What Makes a Difference in the Price of the Service

The thing that makes a real difference in the pricing of the service is the availability of carriers on-route to your location. If there are people around you who are also looking for the same service, then your price will be lower, unless its peak season and there is a lot of demand.

Carriers do not like to make trips empty handed and prefer to optimize their routes so each stop either picks-up or drops-off and vehicle.

But how would you know if these factors are in place, when all you want to do is have your car shipped to a different city or state? You call and we deal with the nitty details of car transportation to and from Idaho and all of it’s major transport hubs.

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