Iowa Car Shipping

Iowa car shipping company

As one of the flattest states in the US, Iowa is quite easy to enter and exit, making it a fantastic location for car delivery and shipping. Its borders are quite diverse – with six neighboring states Iowa is relatively well connected to the rest of the country.

It’s Midland position in the continent makes it a good location for exports to other states, aided by the many rivers running along its borders.

That being said, in terms of car transportation services, Iowa is definitely on our list as one of the most affordable locations for delivery and pick-ups of all sorts of cars.

There is a notable dirt bike and quad bike culture in the state, making it one of our greatest and most often hauls to and from the state.

We’ve found that the busiest time of year for Iowans in terms of bookings of our service is during the Spring and Summer, however, Autumn and early Winter also see quite a lot of bookings.

There are four major interstates which pass through the state such as I-29, the I-35 which passes through the state capital and the center of the land mass. The I-74 and I-80 have a common path and are relevant to quite a lot of east and west bound transport work.

Actual Prices of Car Transport Services to and from Iowa

In terms of prices for car shipping and transportation, we’ve seen a steady increase in shipment requests to Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Daven Port as well as other metropolitan areas in the state.

This has somewhat affected the market, however, there is a downtrend meaning we expect the rates to normalize during the coming year. If you are looking to transport a vehicle to Iowa on an open platform carrier, it’s best to provide a cover, since the roads in the state do receive quite a lot of rainfall.

It’s also important to note that there are some state-specific factors which often affect the price of the service, such as:

  • Adverse weather;
  • Heavy storms and tornadoes;
  • Bad road conditions;
  • Road work on major highways;
  • Heavy congestion along state highways and business routes.

If you are looking for the cheapest way to ship a car to Iowa and any of its major cities, we suggest that you:

  • Book late in the year;
  • Book an open carrier;
  • Do not use expedited shipping;
  • Have the vehicle ready before shipping date;
  • Make sure the vehicle can move under its power.

How Convenient is it to Ship a Car from Des Moines, IA with

As the state’s capital Des Moines has several big interstates which pass directly through it or near it. The I-235 passes straight through the city with the I-35 passing through West Des Moines providing a northbound connection to the rest of the state.

There are important road connections to neighboring states through the I-74 which give the city the transportation flexibility required for getting low car shipping rates to anywhere else.

For the most reliable service, give a call and state the specifics of your particular dates, vehicle type and end destination.