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Kentucky car shipping company

Kentucky, also known as the state to house Fort Knox and the Bullion Depository, is a southeastern state neighboring seven other states in total. It has a relatively central location, with quite diverse landscapes with rolling hills all throughout the state.

This makes it easier to navigate and traverse, adding up to quicker delivery and pick-up times for car transport services to and from Kentucky. The state has nicely developed and maintained auxiliary roads, business routes around big cities, as well as interstates and state highways.

The three main points of interest for car transport companies working in Kentucky, are Lexington, Louisville and Frankfort (as state capital). Those three are not far apart, meaning that customers in those regions can get a quick response or delivery time for their vehicles.

One of the surest ways to receive or send off a vehicle on a transporter from and to Kentucky is by calling

Price of Auto Transport Services to and from Kentucky

The prices of specialized and general auto transport services to and from Kentucky are some of the lowest in the entire country. Due to the presence of six interstate highways I-24, I-64, I-65, I-69, I-71, and I-75, as well as several expressways, parkways and state highways.

This provides great accessibility not only to central and administrative regions, but also to rural communities. Thanks to the well-maintained roads the available informational service for road conditions, carriers can provide good delivery dates which are not far from the pick-up date.

We’ve noticed that there are several factors which affect car shipping costs to and from Kentucky the most, those are:

  • Expected road closures;
  • Pick up and delivery to high traffic areas;
  • Adverse weather – storms and tornadoes;
  • Ease of accessibility to vehicle;
  • Size and condition of car;

There are several easy ways to reduce the cost of the service out of the gate – ensure the vehicle is in condition to roll onto a trailer, make it easy to access (the closer to interstates the better), don’t demand short delivery times.

How Easy is it to Get a Car Delivered To and From Frankfort, KY

As the state capital, Frankfort, KY is in the middle of the two largest cities in the state – Lexington and Louisville. This means it’s not out of the way to major transport hubs making it quite convenient to receive a delivery of a vehicle or a great location to a send a car from.

Its most major federal highway is Interstate 64 which passes south from the city limits, which is connected to by U.S. Route 60 and U.S. Route 460 which are east-west bound and U.S. Route 127 and U.S. Route 421 which are north-south bound.

Is it Difficult to Book Car Shipping to/from Louisville, KY

Booking a good, reliable and affordable car shipping to and from Louisville or Lexington is not hard as they are both the most visited cities in the state. This means that will give you access to the best carriers in the state and elsewhere.

Louisville, KY has fantastic infrastructure in terms of layout, with an active beltway around the city and a inner city interstate I‑264 and I‑265. I‑64 and I‑65 actually pass through the city and I-71’s south terminus ends up in the city.

This provides many venues to get into the city from, however, all three enter into the same location, which at peak hours can be quite chaotic.

For the best, most convenient car shipping service to and from Louisville, Lexington or Frankfort, KY – give a call – we work all year round and can give you a hand in finding the best service possible.

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