Louisiana Car Shipping

Louisiana car shipping company

Louisiana is well-known for being an integral part of the Louisiana purchase, giving the US free access to the important merchant routes and a sea port connecting it to the Gulf of Mexico. It is the 20th smallest and the 25th most populated state in the US.

Aside from Texas and Florida, it has the largest coastline adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico, making it an important trade and transportation hub for many different state and federal industries.

It has several major interstates passing through it, like the I-10 which is east-west bound, the I-49 which is northwest bound, the I-55 which is north bound and the I-59 which is northeast bound.

In terms of terrain and average sea level height, Louisiana is one of the lowest and flattest states which makes it relatively easy to traverse during adverse weather. It has 13 major interstate highways with 1 in future planning (I-69) and 15 U.S. highways currently operational.

This makes Louisiana a quite well-connected state with relatively well-maintained roads and interstates – major road work along the Gulf coast is possible throughout the year.

Getting the Best Price for Car Transport Services to and from Louisiana

In terms of location on the map, Louisiana provides quite a lot of opportunities for interstate connectivity, with great passage from east to west available.

The irregular shape of the state and the location of cities of interest, like Baton Rouge or New Orleans, means that market prices might be high during peak periods of the year.

This is why the service which USTrans.com is so important – our job is to get you the best deal on lower the cost of any sort of car transportation to and from Louisiana.

In terms of prices, you can expect lower prices during Autumn and Winter, with longer delivery times for car shipping from Louisiana to winter bounds states like New York or New England.

The following factors will affect the price the most – both lowering and hiking it up:

  • The season;
  • Local and market demand;
  • Type of vehicle transported;
  • Number of state lines crossed;
  • Inter or intra state transportation;
  • Enclosed or open car shipping.

For the most convenient pick-up services, we do recommend that you place the vehicle in an easy to reach location, possibly within 80 miles of any major interstate or U.S. highways.

How Easy is it to Get a Car to or from Baton Rouge, LA

As the state capital Baton Rouge, LA is located right next to I-10 which shorty terminates and turns into I-12. The city is close to New Orleans and is generally well positioned to allow for easy access of large car carriers or platforms.

Due to its proximity to New Orleans, Baton Rouge citizens receive pretty good prices and can expect availability of car shipping services from USTrans all year round.

Affordable Car Shipping Services to and from New Orleans, LA

In terms of affordability, car transfer and shipping services to and from New Orleans, LA are one of the cheapest and most cost-effective.

As the largest and most populous city, as well as due to it’s connection to the Gulf of Mexico, New Orleans is a major trading and transportation hub, not only for imports but also exports.

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