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Maine car shipping company

Maine is the northernmost, eastern state only bordering one other U.S state – New Hampshire – making it a relatively remote area of the US. Its major road connections are the I-95 (south-north bound) and the I-295.

The Maine Turnpike (which is a toll road) is the only major interstate infrastructure available reaching into the depths of the state. It is the most rural state of all, making it a bit more challenging to reach into rural communities.

This is why recommends to all of its clients, looking to book car shipping from Maine to other states, to get their vehicle as close to interstate 95 as possible. This will make it far more convenient for the vehicle carrier and in turn make it a lot more affordable for the client.

As the 12th smallest state by area and the 9th least populated one, prices for car shipping to or from Maine can be some of the highest. However, if you use USTrans’ services, you will get the best deal possible.

The True Price of Auto Transport Services to and from Maine

Weather, road conditions and the lack of alternative routes can adversely affect the prices of any transportation service, however, the USTrans team comes prepared even for bad roads.

This means that our work can provide you with the best possible conditions prices and rates for delivery a car from or to Maine. As long as you are located on a paved road, you can receive great rates and can expect relatively quick delivery times.

We do recommend that you get the vehicle to one of the many major settlements, like Augusta or Portland as those will work best for the maneuvering needs of a large vehicle carrier.

In the last years we’ve seen an increase in car shipping demand from Maine to other states, which means lowered overall rates. With higher market demand you can expect stable prices even during higher demand periods of the year.

The prices of the service are most often affected by:

Why Get Car Shipping to and from Augusta, ME

As the administrative capital of Maine, Augusta is an important location for all sorts of transport services, including car transport and auto shipping services from USTrans.

The city can be reached by using the I-295 which is south and north bound, with accessibility for the inner parts of the state using US Routes and U.S. highways. At some points after Augusta, ME, the I-295 turns into a single-lane road, which is why our carriers avoid it when fully loaded.

Best Car Transport Services to and from Portland, ME

Car services to Portland, ME are by far the most common destination which our carriers have to visit when in Maine. Both the Maine Turnpike (I-95) and I-295 pass through the city, with several Routes being available for further connections to other states or major cities and towns in Maine.

Using our extensive knowledge and online informational platform, we can determine which routes are the most effective and will cost us the least amount of time in order to get your vehicle to it’s final destination.

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