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Massachusetts car shipping company

Massachusetts is the 7th smallest state by area, though it ranks first in IQ, academic achievement, biotechnical sciences, industry and academic achievements.

It is among the highest grossing states as well as the home to several of the top academic schools, universities and colleges such as Harvard, Boston University, Barkley, Stanford and so much more.

Despite its small size, Massachusetts has more than 36,800 miles of interstates, access roads, auxiliary highways and state highways, making it an extremely well connected and developed part of New England.

One of the most major highways in the U.S. I-90, passes through the entire state and is also known as the Massachusetts Turnpike. Among its most prominent cities, aside from Boston, are Worcester and Springfield.

In terms of road conditions and connectivity, the state is quite well networked all throughout, meaning that even its rural areas have access to the rest of the country.

For experienced car transfer companies like this means ample opportunities for pick and delivery of automobiles of all sorts – from custom to regular sedans.

How Much Will it Cost to Ship a Car from Massachusetts

The prices of car shipping from Massachusetts to other states can vary substantially based on distance and availability of direct road connections. Other important factor which determines the price of the service is the presence of toll roads or toll plazas which are a source of great delays when available.

Luckily the Massachusetts Turnpike are cashless and can be either paid by mail or with an E-ZPass which all professional car transport companies like have. This will add to the end price of the service, however, there are other substantial factors which will reduce the cost.

The overall cost of the service to deliver a car from out of state into Massachusetts, based on USTrans estimations, depends on:

  • Traffic density;
  • Road conditions;
  • Location of vehicle delivery;
  • Proximity to major road networks;
  • The type of transfer;
  • Size and weight of vehicle.

That being said, USTrans does offer its full services for transfer from Massachusetts to other states, as well as auto transportation from other states to Massachusetts. We do support the shipping of vehicles from all 50 states, including:

  • New York;
  • New Hampshire;
  • Florida;
  • California;
  • Washington;
  • New Mexico and many more.

What to Consider When Booking Car Shipping to and from Boston, MA

Boston is Massachusetts’ biggest city, with the greater Boston metropolitan area being the home to more than 8.4 million people as of 2020. Almost 700 000 people call Boston itself a home, with lots of diverse communities around the city.

In terms of transportation capacity, Boston has a very well-developed network of roads, interstates and state highways, with the I-90 and the I-93 being the two major intersection of the bigger interstate network passing through the state.

Along with those, there is the I-95 as well as the I-495 which service the Greater Boston metropolitan area. Adverse weather and harsh winters will affect vehicle delivery times to the city, so pick your season for car transfers accordingly.

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