Michigan Car Shipping

Auto transport services to any state can take a while, however, when we’re talking about Michigan shipping a car to Ann Arbor or Detroit, Lansing or any other area is easier than usual.

When you rely on the convenient car shipping services of USTrans.com things go much smoother and far more cost-effectively than otherwise expected.

As a state Michigan is the 11th largest in land mass and 10th in population, with a diverse economy and lots of developed areas. It’s big and undeniable heritage is that of the auto-motive industry, which made it one of the richest cities in the world.

Today, this heritage is making Michigan one of the top destinations for car transfer and auto transport services, which is why USTrans has focused on polishing every aspect of its portfolio of transport services.

The state is rather well connected to the rest of the U.S. with it being one of few to have a direct line to Canada’s financial and port centers through Detroit. Major interstate highways and auxiliary highways, numbering to more than fifteen.

Getting the Best Price for Car Transport from Michigan

As a central transport hub for used and brand new cars, Michigan enjoys a special connection with USTrans as we do work extensively with local and regional car carrier companies. This is how we ensure the lowers prices for car transport services to and from Michigan.

There are several factors which allow us to provide you with the best rates for car transport services in and out of state, including but not limited to:

  • Great relationship with local transport companies;
  • Intricate understanding of the local culture;
  • Decades of experience car transporting in the area;
  • A wide informational network for choosing the best routes.

It’s important to note that there are peak market times during the year which will make the service cost more. This is due to higher market demand and relatively low carrier numbers availability during the same period.

For out of state jobs you can expect relatively stable prices all year round, whereas for intra-state transfers you can expect fluctuations depending on the time of year.

Best Car Shipping Services to and from Lansing, MI

As the state’s capital Lansing, MI is in a great location for accommodating all sorts of car shipping services. Thanks to connections to I-69, I-96 and I-496 the city is easy to get to and to navigate.

We also provide services for car shipping from Lansing to other locations, including Indianapolis, as well as:

  • Detroit;
  • Ann Arbor;
  • Columbus;
  • Pittsburg;
  • Philadelphia,
  • New York;
  • New Jersey and so many more.

Convenient and Cost-Effective Car Shipping Services to and from Detroit, MI

As the most populated city in Michigan, Detroit provides ample opportunities for sea and road car transfers to other countries and states. The easiest to get to is Canada and the most obvious transfer locations near Detroit are local cities as well as other major and capital cities of nearby states.

Aside from that USTrans.com offers convenient and affordable auto transport services to and from the city, with lighting fast pick-up and delivery dates even during peak market times.

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