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Minnesota car shipping company

Minnesota, endearingly called “The Land of 10,000 Lakes” is the state that reaches northernmost on the map. It’s the 12th largest state in land mass and the 22nd most populated as of the 2020 census.

If you live in the great state of Minnesota or are looking to move a vehicle from it to a different location in the U.S. then USTrans.com is the auto transport service for you.

We specialize in long-distance auto and motor bike transfers from and to all 50 US states, including Alaska and Hawaii. We work towards finding the best solution to each customer need and our services covering Minnesota and all of its major and minor cities is no exception.

As a transportation hub, Minnesota is rather well position for out of US imports from Canada and auto transfers to other US states. This is where our services come in quite handy – regardless if you are buying or selling used and new cars from abroad.

Get the Lowest Prices on Car Transport Services to and from Minnesota

The prices of a service like car shipping are generally dependent on several factors, some of which are state-related, and some of which are service-related. State related facts generally are season bound as is for Minnesota.

As a northern state car transfers and transportation services by road depend on road conditions, seasonal weather and adverse conditions. Winters in Minnesota can still get quite cold and hostile so expect longer delivery times if you are shipping a car to any major cities in the state.

In terms of pricing, the services which USTrans provides to and from Minnesota, are shaped as follows:

  • Road conditions;
  • Road work;
  • Precise location of delivery and pick-up;
  • Total miles driven from A to B;
  • Condition of vehicle upon pickup;
  • Expected delivery date.

In terms of service-related pricing factors, there are four main ones which most often affect the price – they are:

  • The state of the auto shipping market;
  • Distance of vehicle from major highways;
  • Difficulty of reaching vehicle;
  • State and condition of car.

The state of the vehicle matters because it entails what sort of equipment is required to move the car onto the trailer.

Easy and Convenient Car Shipping to Minneapolis, MN

As the largest city in MN, Minneapolis is our main point of interest into the state, however, its proximity to St. Paul, MN means that that we generally easily ship to both cities. Minneapolis has connections to several major highways which make the service take a little less time.

It’s advisable to have the vehicle in a place which is easy to get to as downtown Minneapolis can get quite crowded in peak hours, meaning it more difficult for large platform auto transporters to maneuver.

Is it Easy to Get a Car Transport to and from St. Paul, MN

St. Paul, MN is right next to Minneapolis, virtually the same city as the largest one in the state, meaning that a service booked to St. Paul will cost as much as the same booked to Minneapolis.

For the best experience with car shipping to Minnesota, we do suggest you give us a call as we do have quite a presence in that area and can provide you with the best experience.

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