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Montana car shipping company

As the fourth largest state by area, Montana certainly has lots to see and show its visitors and citizens, from high and hard to pass mountain roads, to winding and straight prairie highways, all within a spectacularly beautiful package.

As one of the least densely populated yet largest state in the U.S. Montana can be characterized by its long drives, with an extensive car culture which is necessitated by the large distances one must travel to get anywhere.

If you are in the market for a convenient yet inexpensive auto transport service to or from Montana and its many townships, then USTrans is the service for you. We provide quick and easy bookings for specialized and general car transport services to Montana from other states and vice versa.

What is the Cost of Car Transport from Montana

The best way to describe the cost of car transport services from Montana to other states, or from other states like New York or California, to Montana, is with the word inexpensive.

Of course, the main thing which dictates the price of the service is the total distance – considering the size of the state and how hard it can be to get to from the western part of the country, it can take a while.

However, what these services take in time, they save you in money, effort and car maintenance down the road. Total mileage from L.A. to Helena, MT can be more than 700 miles, which realistically is a two-day trip of constant driving.

The main factors which determine the price of the service are:

  • Total distance travelled from A to B;
  • Overall expenditure for non-movable vehicles;
  • Specialized equipment for loading and off-loading;
  • Vehicle size and weight;
  • Current market prices.

While we do provide the best rates, they are based on the current market conditions which during the winter and spring are at their highest. Keep in mind that seasonal changes do occur and will affect you from the state you are booking, not the states your car will be passing through.

Car Shipping from Helena, MT to Other Cities

As the state capital of Montana, Helena is relatively well-connected to the rest of the state. Its major intestate connection is the I-15 which goes north connecting it to Idaho and other south-bound states.

US Route 12 and US Route 287 connect it to other locations of the state, including a major road connection to I-90 which goes to Billings, MT.

Due to its important administrative status, Helena is a major transport hub which makes it one of our top priorities when car shipping to Montana.

Interstate Vehicle Transfers to Billings, MT

Billings is Montana’s largest city which is positioned at a crossroads on the west-east bound I-90, I-94, US Route 87 and US Route 302. It is a place of great importance for transport and infrastructure reasons, providing a direct connection to South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming to the south and Canada to the north.

If you are looking to find the most efficient, affordable and convenient car transport service in Montana – then you better call

We also provide shipping to:

  • From Montana to South and North Dakota;
  • From South and North Dakota to Montana;
  • From Texas to Montana;
  • From California to Montana;
  • From New England to Montana.
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