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New Mexico car shipping company

New Mexico is the home of the oldest state capitol in the U.S. Santa Fe, which was founded in 1610 by and it has a major role and part in the history of the USA. It’s the fifth largest state by land mass with a population only of 2.1 million people as of the 2020 census.

This makes New Mexico a very sparsely populated state, with only small percentage of the land mass even considered to be livable. It has quite a diverse topographical characteristic, which makes it somewhat difficult to navigate, and the aging road infrastructure in rural areas prolongs travel time.

Due to its size and road networks, only having three major interstate highways passing through it, New Mexico is challenging to deliver cars to, but not so much for

The I-10, I-40 and I-25 are the major interstate arteries which connect the state to the rest of the country, with the latter two connecting in ABQ forming the so-called “Big I”.

There are 15 currently operation Unite States Highways connecting most of the state’s major and minor settlements, with few rural areas having to use access or dirt roads as means of transportation.

Due to the size of the state, the main transportation, of course, is personal vehicles making our car shipping service one of the main methods with which people car transfer vehicles from one location to another.

Real Cost of Car Shipping Services from New Mexico

Despite many factors, we at USTrans are able to provide New Mexico customers with our full package of services, including enclosed shipping for high valued vehicles, protecting them from sun, sand and heat exposure.

The overall price of the service is a bit higher than the continental rates, mainly due to sparse major road connections and bar roads. To find the best rates during peak market times, we suggest you plan your car shipping needs according to peak market times which are from mid-May to September.

Even though New Mexico ranks on one of the lowest places in terms of road maintenance and condition, our carriers are able to provide you with great rates. The cost of auto shipping from New Mexico is related to:

  • Current market demand;
  • Precise location of the vehicle;
  • End destination in or out of New Mexico;
  • Adverse weather and stand storms;
  • Specific shipment requirements.

Most Affordable Car Transport from Albuquerque, NM

With interstate infrastructures such as the Pan-American Freeway or the I-25, Albuquerque, NM is located on a net of major road structures. Further U.S. Routed and Highways provide the city’s 1.2 million citizens more than adequate ways of getting around the state and into other nearby states such as Nevada, Arizona and Texas.

Reliable Vehicle Shipping from Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe is NM’s capital and it’s also the oldest capital in the US, founded in 1610 as a central governing location of the then New Spain Mexican state. It is also located on the Pan-American Freeway (I-25) and U.S. Route 84 as well as NM-599.

Along with services to all major and minor New Mexico cities, towns and townships, we provide full car shipping services to and from New Mexico to other states:

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