Ohio Car Shipping

Ohio car shipping company

Ohio is one of the most populous states in the U.S. making it our top priority in all car shipping manners. As one of the major car transport companies in all 50 states, USTrans.com focuses on precision and providing the best rates possible even during market surge periods, like the summer.

Due to the northern location of Ohio, the best time of year to book is during the winter, since most demand happens during the summer. Statistic for winter deliveries show that drop-off times tend to be longer and less predictable, more so than delivery time during fare-weather months.

In terms of transportation opportunities, Ohio has quite a lot to offer as it is sitting on one of the oldest and most well-developed road systems in the U.S. There are several major interstate highways passing through the state connecting it to both costs as well as south and north-bound locations.

Also known as the “Buckeye State” has the I-70, the I-71 and multiple beltways not only around Columbus, OH, but also Cincinnati and Cleveland. This makes our job finding you good prices easier – for the best rates on car shipping to and from Ohio, give USTrans.com a call today.

Cost-Effective Car Shipping from and to Ohio

As a major car shipping company to Ohio, USTrans focuses on getting you the best possible deals on in-state and out of state transportation jobs. Even if you want your large vehicle move to a different state, state capital or even to Hawaii, we have you covered.

To get the best possible prices, there are several things you can do to begin with, those are:

  • Get the car as close to a major city as possible;
  • Make sure vehicle runs and steers;
  • Book during low market demand periods;
  • Invest in a car cover for transport purposes;
  • Make sure vehicle is available at pick-up.

If you are in possession of the vehicle, make sure it is present at the location of the pick-up. If you have purchased the vehicle from a car auction in Ohio, then make sure it is released for transportation before booking.

Is it Easy to Auto Transport from Columbus, OH

If you take a quick look at the map of Ohio, you will notice that Columbus is at the heart and center of it, geographically, culturally and financially. It is both the biggest city and the state capital, making it quite an important destination for multiple of reasons.

The I-70 and the I-71 pass through the city, interacting with the Columbus beltway (I-270) providing further additional access to the city itself. The I-70 is its major pass from east to west into other adjacent states and the I-71 connects Cincinnati with Columbus for a quick trip to both major cities.

Ohio car Shipping from Other Major Cities – Cincinnati, OH and Cleveland, OH

Aside from Columbus, we also provide direct transport service to Cincinnati, OH and Cleveland, OH at precise delivery times and affordable prices with no additional costs.

If you are looking to get the best possible service at a short times notice, USTrans.com is the car shipping company for you.

We also provide shipping services from Ohio to other states, like: