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Oregon car shipping company

Oregon is the 9th largest state by area with a big coastline on the North Pacific Ocean and an extensive border with California and Nevada to the south and Washington state to the north.

It is the 27th most populous state with two major interstate highways passing through its territory – the I-5 which runs near the coast north and south-bound leading to California (south) and Washington (north.

The second major interstate is the I-84 which provides access to Idaho and eastern parts of Washington stat. Both of these interstates are important for the connectivity of the state to the rest of the country, providing vital support to major cities like Portland and Salem.

The U.S. Route 20 connects the rest of the interior of the state to the I-5 giving further access for large transport vehicles.

As a major state and an exporter of goods, lumber and other materials to other states, Oregon is a vital asset for USTrans.com which is why we offer our full package of road-based car shipping services.

How Much Does It Cost to Auto Transport to and from Oregon

The cost of shipping a car to or from Oregon depends on which time of the year you are booking the service, where exactly the car will be picked up or dropped-off as well as how close the location is to a major road or interstate.

Most North Pacific carriers do not like to use narrow roads as this reduces the maneuverability of their vehicles and will cost them more time. If there is local demand, meaning that an empty trailer can enter a region and exit it fully occupied, the prices will be lower.

This s why it’s important to use a service like USTrans for finding the best rates because we know how to negotiate with carriers and can provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

There are further reasons for the cost of vehicle transportation to go up or down, like:

  • Adverse weather;
  • Wildfires;
  • Bad road conditions;
  • Congestion around cities;
  • Hard to access locations;
  • Long distance driving.

Easy and Affordable Auto Shipping to Portland, OR

Portland, OR is THE city to be in in Oregon if you are in the area as it is the largest metropolitan area, with more than half of the state’s population living there. It is positioned on the intersection between the two major interstates, which connect and form a semi-beltway called the I-205.

This means that transport services can easily and quickly get to the city and its limits, providing their citizen an important service for a fraction of the price that would be expected in more rural areas.

It’s quite easy to find a carrier willing to go to Portland, OR to pick up a vehicle or deliver one from another state or town as it’s a central transport hub for the rest of the state.

Salem, OR Car Shipping Services

Salem is the administrative capital of the state and it’s the second most populated city in Oregon. It’s positioned on the I-5 which passes through Eugene, OR and enters into California which terminates in L.A.

We also provide car shipping to Portland, Salem and other minor cities in Oregon, like:

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