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Pennsylvania car shipping company

Pennsylvania is one of the original 13 colonies initial established on the North Atlantic coast of the continental U.S. While it is the 33rd state by size, it is the fifth in population size with its largest cities being the all-important Philadelphia, home of the Liberty Bell, and Pittsburgh.

The state has more than 121 000 miles of roads making it the fifth-most well-connected state in the U.S. It’s connection to major states like New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Vest Virginia make it an important trade and transportation hub.

As such, has a huge interest in providing the best possible car shipping service to every big and small city, town or township in Pennsylvania, at the best rates possible.

The I-80, I-70 and the I-78 are the three major interstates with all of them leading to important cities and states. This makes finding quick and affordable car transport services to and from Pennsylvania to west and east coast locations.

Cost of Car Transport from Pennsylvania to Other States

The most important part of pir service is that we are able to provide every customer with low and affordable rates even while the car transfer market is hot. We work with highly professional car carriers who can provide the best possible service at the lowest rates.

There are several factors which shape your services, however, and those are:

  • Large or small vehicle;
  • Vehicle doesn’t require assistance moving;
  • Short or long-distance shipping;
  • Crossing state lines and using toll roads;
  • High local demand.

Car shipping to Philadelphia will cost less from a in-state location than from an out-state location such as New York. However, the most deciding factor is the distance, meaning that even an outstate location, like Wilmington, DE will be cheaper than in-state auto shipping from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia.

How Hard is it to Ship a Car to Harrisburg, PA

As the states capital Harrisburg enjoys quite a lot of visits and is considered a fast-growing city which sits on the two banks of Susquehanna River. It is basically in the middle of the two other major cities in the state – Pittsburgh, PA and Philadelphia, meaning that all car transfer from one city to the other, have to eventually pass through the capital.

The I-83 passes through the state’s capital meaning it has a fast and reliable connection to other major cities. This means that you can get an affordable and speedy open auto transport service to Harrisburg, PA.

Car Shipping from Philadelphia, PA Made Easy

Philadelphia, PA is a cultural, historic, economical and transport center of Pennsylvania and along with Pittsburgh, are the two main cities of the state. It has major road, rail, port and air connections to the rest of the world and boasts one of the largest and most diverse economies in the world.

Philadelphia is the home of the Liberty Bell, one of the truest symbols of American Independence from Colonial rule. It’s considered the home of Ben Franklin, one of the founding fathers and is the seat of local economic power.

Car shipping to and from Philadelphia is a true treat as the city is extremely well connected with major interstates either passing through the city or near it, meaning its really easy to get to and out from.

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