South Carolina Car Shipping

South Carolina is the 40th largest and the 23rd most populated state. It’s located on the east coast of the continental U.S. and has an extensive border with the North Atlantic Ocean. It’s one of the original 13 colonies making it quite an old part of North American history.

In terms of road networks and overall connectivity and ease of transport, South Carolina has five important interstates with two additional ones in development and construction phases. There are also six auxiliary interstates crossing the state as well as four business routes surrounding greater metropolitan areas.

This makes South Carolina one of the best-connected states in the U.S. with a notably well-maintained road network which ensures quick travel times and low maintenance levels due to bad road conditions.

For car transport companies like South Carolina is not only a central transport hub with readily available connections to the north and south of the east coast, but also an important starting point.

The state is known for its car culture which means there is a large market and often local demand is quite high even during low market periods.

The Actual Price of Auto Transport from South Carolina

In terms of prices South Carolinians often enjoy some of the lowest rates in the entire country, mainly due to the geographical characteristics of the state, and mainly due to high local demand.

High local demand means that even if you live in a rural area of the state, you are more likely to have a carrier nearby you at the time of booking, as opposed to other states.

If you want to get even lower prices for car shipping to or from South Carolina, your best chances are to book through

As we specialize in all services related to car transportation, we can not only provide regular car shipping, but also expedited and enclosed vehicle transport to any location in the country.

What affects the prices of the service the most is:

  • Adverse weather – hurricanes, wildfires, landslides;
  • Closed roads;
  • Toll roads and toll plazas;
  • Vehicle far away from interstate;
  • No local demand;
  • Specialized services.

Easy Auto Shipping to Columbia, SC

Columbia, SC is the state capitol and as such is an important administrative, state legislative and transportation hub for many citizens. According to the 2020 census the city of Columbia had a population of 134 000 people, making it also the second largest settlement in the state.

The city is connected to four total interstates, six U.S. Routes and nine state highways which further make getting to it by road easier.

Quick car transport from and to Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC is the most populous city in the state and it is also a vital scholastic and industrial part of the local economy. It’s connected to the rest of the state and the country with tree major interstates, several U.S Routes and state highways.

Moving a car from or to Charleston, SC is done easy due to its proximity to the coast and the already existing infrastructure along the entirety of the North Atlantic coast of the U.S.

We also provide additional shipping options from South Carolina to other states, like:

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