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South Dakota car shipping company

South Dakota is the 17th largest state area-wise, however, is the fifth in both population size and density. As a part of the Great Planes, South Dakota is one of the flattest states characterized by its open plains, lowlands and sparse wetlands.

There are forested areas, however, due to the flatness of the landscape South Dakota is based on a grid-like road pattern for urban and road organization.

This means the state is easy to navigate with 689 miles of interstate highways, the main ones being the I-90 and the I-29 both of which conjunct in Sioux Falls, the states most populous city (home to 30% of total state population).

Despite the lack of large interstate projects, the state can be considered to be rather well connected due to the old grid pattern used to connect small settlements to old highways.

As such, South Dakota is a good place to book car shipping from or to as it has good roads which allow for quick travel times. The Sioux Falls grid is the most well-developed, with the state authorities investing even more to create a state highway around the city and connect the conjunct I-90 and I-29.

Affordable and Low-cost Auto Transport to South Dakota

South Dakotans enjoy relatively low prices on all auto transport services and since they are lower on the map than their cousins up north, they get milder winters. This means quicker delivery times and faster pick-up dates after booking with

Our goal is to provide you with the best prices possible regardless of where you are in the state, what time of the year it is and how far away you are from a major interstate.

As such, we receive quite a lot of calls from rural areas for either delivery or pick-up times and we can say we have the quickest turnover time of all similar to us services.

Prices are more often affected by:

  • Weather;
  • Distance;
  • Car condition;
  • Customer requirements;
  • Time limit and deadlines.

Getting the Best Deal on Car Transport Services from Pierre, SD

Pierre, SD is not connected to an interstate, making it one of the few state capitals not to have a direct link to a major federal road. It is connected to the I-90 with the U.S. Highway 83.

This means that Pierre residents can expect slower delivery times, however, they will get the same prices as a Sioux Falls, SD client if the market demand is similar.

Comprehensive Vehicle Transport Services to and from Sioux Falls, SD

Sioux Falls, SD is the most populated and major city in South Dakota, located on the east side of the state, connecting both major interstate highways – I-90 and I-29.

The I-29 goes north-south and the I-90 goes east-west providing excellent access to adjacent states and other major cities. Recent improvements of highway systems further increase the city’s capacity to handle large-sized transport vehicles, making it even easier for Sioux Falls residents to book a quick, carefree car shipping service from

We also provide shipping from South Dakota to other states like:

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