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Texas car shipping company

Texas, or the “Lone Star State” is known for its vast territories, booming oil industry and southern hospitality. Aside from California, Texas is the highest grossing state in the U.S. even ranking as one of the top world economies.

If Texas were a separate country, it would be 10th largest economy in the world, right above South Korea. It is also the second largest and most populated state in the country, second to California to population and Alaska in size.

There is a lot to be said about Texas and Texans in general, but one this is for sure – the state is impressive in multiple ways and deserves the best car shipping services like USTrans.com.

It is the state with the highest speed limit highway (85 m/h) the 130 State Highway, which is a toll road – one of the many in the state. Texas has more than 79,535 miles of state-funded highways which it pays for with toll roads and bridges.

Luckily, it’s all digital now, which means that carriers hired by USTrans, for your benefit, will not have a problem crossing state lines to delivery or pick-up a vehicle you want transferred.

Best Prices for Car transport Services to and from Texas

Thanks to electronic tolling, the large number or tolled roads in Texas are not an issue and barely affect the prices of car shipping services to and from the state. There are, however, some things will affect the overall cost depending on the period of the year.

Texas is one of the highest demand states all year round, mostly due to the extensive used car lot business the state has. As one of the few oil producing places in continental U.S., Texas gas prices are lower than anywhere else in the country, which increase the already extensive car culture.

High volume and high market demand increase the prices, especially around metropolitan areas such as Austin, Houston, Dallas, Amarillo, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Corpus Christi. If you want to get the lowest prices possible, we recommend that you:

  • Find a less trafficked area for vehicle pick-up;
  • Ensure vehicle is running;
  • Small vehicles cost less to transport;
  • Short distances are more affordable.

During 2020 Texas experienced a freak weather event which heavily affected the state and its ability to respond to multiple emergencies. This also delayed delivery times quite heavily – if you want quick auto transport to Texas, make sure it’s not in the winter.

How is Car Shipping from Austin, TX done

As the second most populous state capital in the U.S., Austin, TX is notorious for its traffic congestions, especially around downtown areas. If you are getting a vehicle out of or to Austin, TX, we recommend getting it to the outer boroughs of the city first.

This will not only make the entire experience more convenient for both customer and carrier, but will also reduce the risk of the truck getting stuck in traffic.

Post-pandemic migration from California has also put quite a lot of strain on the city’s services and roads, so keep that in mind when booking car shipping from Austin, TX.

Navigating Traffic When Vehicle Shipping to and from Houston, TX

As the most populous city in Texas, Houston process to be quite a lot of interest for car transport companies as the metropolitan area is home to one of the largest car markets in the country.

Very much like Austin, but even more so, Houston is plagued by long lines and congestions even on its six-lane highways, so keep that in mind.

For the best experience possible, we recommend placing the vehicle outside of the city, and setting up a meeting point with the carrier either on private property or in a car park outside of city limits.

We do provide our fullest services even if you have your car in downtown Houston, TX. Even though it might be more difficult to get out of the city, it’s not impossible for USTrans.com to provide you with the convenience you cane expect from a professional car transport service such as us.

We also provide transport service to the state, especially from California. If you want to leave the overcrowded L.A. for a more convenient, less tax heavy state like Texas, then USTrans.com is the service for you.

In addition to California to Texas car shipping, we also provide:

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