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Utah car shipping company

Utah is the 13th largest U.S. by land area and the 30th most populated state with borders coming in contact to New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona and Nevada. Its major cross-country interstates are the I-15 and the I-80 which span the state in four directions.

There are two major developed areas in the state – the Washington County, which is located in the south-west and the Wasatch Front which contains Slat Lake City, the state’s capital.

These two areas of Utah contain more than 80% of the population and account for the vas majority of income for the state. If you are looking for an affordable way of shipping a vehicle to or from Utah, then USTrans.com is the company for you.

We’ve worked in this area actively for more than 15 years and are capable of navigating even the narrowest and steepest mountain passes. Speaking of which – Utah is characterized by two main geographic aspects – high mountains and flat plateaus.

There are some paid toll roads, however, not as many as you can find in states like Texas which has more than 13 paid toll roads.

The Cost of Car Transport Services to and from Utah

The lack of large number of toll roads and the well-maintained current road system, makes it easy for USTrans.com to provide you with the best possible prices. It is important to note that Utah can sometimes get adverse weather in the higher regions which can delay delivery times, but will not affect the price.

Upon placing a request with us, we will find the closest and most convenient car shipping carrier in the state who can handle your type of vehicle. For exotic or expensive cars, we do recommend booking enclosed transport services – this will be more expensive but the end results are worth it.

The prices of picking up or delivering a car to and from Utah are dependent on local and global car shipping markets. The most often reasons for high market prices are:

  • High demand;
  • Low local interest;
  • No availability in your area;
  • Current long-distance bookings;
  • Adverse weather period.

If you live in the Wasatch Front or Washington County, we have you covered – we’ll provide the most convenient and affordable auto transport services in Utah – Guaranteed.

What’s it Like to Auto Transport to Salt Lake City, UT

As the state’s largest city and capital, Salt Lake City, UT is one of the most important places in that geographic location. It is the economic, administrative, transportation and logistical center of the state which makes it our top priority when providing convenient and affordable car shipping services to Utah.

Luckily, the city is located on the conjunction between the two most major interstate highways in the country – the I-15 and the I-80 which divert into the city through additional interstates specifically made for Salt Lake City, UT.

This presence of major road infrastructure also means that it’s not only easy to get a vehicle to Utah’s capital but to also get one out of it and move it to a different state.

That being said, we provide car transport services to and from Utah to:

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