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Vermont is one of the smallest states in the U.S. – it is also one of the least populated ones, second only after Wyoming. It is, however, very beautiful and quite well-known for its scenic routes, long covered bridges and its maple syrup industry.

There are several major routes from south to north and from west to east, with three major interstates crossing the borders of the state, connecting it to nearby states like New Hampshire and New York.

Vermont is one of the safest driving states in the country, however, it does have a heavy vehicle ban on it’s interstate and state roads. The ban applies for vehicles heavier than 80,000 pounds which must legally use secondary roads to their destination.

This does not apply to the carriers we use, however, it should be noted that there are circumstances in which some carriers cannot enter metropolitan areas. As such, the car shipping service provides takes thins into account as to guarantee precise delivery times and low auto transport costs for the customer.

Cost-effective Car Sipping Services to Vermont

The final cost of booked car transport services to Vermont entirely depends on the type of the vehicle, it’s location as well as how easy it is to get to the final destination.

If you live in rural Vermont and it is hard to reach you, the cost of the service will be greater, which is why we recommend you transfer your vehicle to an easier to reach location.

There is a very high percentage of rural population in Vermont, with quite a lot of farmland and forestry communities up north near the Canadian border.

Those communities already receive our fullest car shipping transport, however, due to trailer size limitations on state roads, we can only use single or double-car trailers.

Overall, the prices of the service for Vermont customers is shaped by:

  • Local and state bans on heavy vehicles;
  • Location of vehicle;
  • Proximity of vehicle to interstate;
  • Condition of vehicle;
  • Final destination distance from start.

Auto Shipping Services to and from Montpelier, VT

Montpelier, VT is the state capital and it is also the most populated city in the state. It is located on the path of the I-89 which makes it easy to reach by interstate roads.

The I-89 leads to Burlington which is the state’s largest city which then goes up north to the Canadian border. It must be noted that even during winter periods, which can last up to 9 months in Vermont, our carriers are able to provide you with a safe and convenient service.

The Convenience of Pro Car Shipping to and from Burlington, VT

Burlington, VT is the most populous city in the state of Vermont. It is on the cost of Lake Champlain and has an available ferry route down to New York State and New York City. The quickest way to get a car to or from Burlington, VT, is to book a car shipping service by road.

Due to the available connection to the I-89 and multiple other state routes and highways, car transfer to the largest city in Vermont is not an issue.

Aside from in-state car shipping, we also provide auto shipping from other states to Vermont, states like:

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