Door to Door Transport

Door to door transport is the standard and assumed method of loading and delivery of vehicles. However, there are cases under which this service is not available due to logistical or road circumstances which transport carriers take into consideration.

What you need to know about Door-to-Door transport

The transfer and transportation of autos is all about convenience, that of the customer and the carrier. The team’s goal is to ensure that both parties are satisfied and that the job goes as smoothly as possible, providing assistance for the carrier, and you, the client.

In order to facilitate the transportation of your vehicle, there are several things which you need to make sure are in order, so the carrier can pick up the vehicle more easily. These are just to name a few:

  • See if your location is hard to access for a long vehicles;
  • Find a suitable pickup location which will suit the size of the carrier’s vehicle;
  • Prepare the vehicle for transportation by removing personal items;
  • Ensure the vehicle is rolling, starting and stopping;
  • Fold side mirrors, put air into the tires, put 1/4th of fuel in the gas tank;
  • Provide a cover for the vehicle (optional).
Depending on the type of trailer and vehicle which the carrier will be transporting, ensure that the meet up location has an even surface for easier vehicle pick up. Trailers for super cars have an angled ramp to facilitate the safe transfer of the vehicle onto the trailer – an even surface will make the pickup a lot easier for the carrier.

What to expect from Door to Door transport

The ideal scenario for door to door transport is to have the vehicle picked up at your address and delivered straight to the address of your choice. However, a more realistic scenario would require a meet-up location, due to the size and length of the semi truck and the 16+ car trailer most carriers use.

It’s also important to have direct contact with the provider, simply due to logistic reasons such as the exact time and date of pickup and delivery of the vehicle, as well as other vital details regarding what you should prepare. Our effort is to find and locate only certified and licensed carriers who have the capacity to communicate with you directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your job if the carrier is responsible for the transport?

Our job is to use our know-how and experience in the industry to help you find the best possible solution. So far we’ve managed to connect more than 40,000 customers with their respective carriers and we don’t plan on stopping.

What if the carrier doesn’t come for the pick-up?

If this does occur, give us an immediate call so we can put your listing back on the market so we can find a more suitable carrier. While all of the carriers we use are solid and we are familiar with their work, things of this nature can occur from time to time, which, while unfortunate, is the reality of auto transport.

Can a broker guarantee a delivery?

The only ones who can actually provide a realistic deadline are the carriers themselves. The job of platforms like is to connect you with trustworthy carriers who have proven themselves through time and who can be relied upon for their word and for the actual deadline which they set.

What if I live in the city?

If your address is not semi-truck accessible, then it’s necessary for a mutually suitable spot to be chosen. A car park, a long road or a non-high traffic area with enough space for the long 6-8 car trailer should be available for the pickup to happen smoothly, you will also make the carrier happier and that’s good after all, he’s the one driving your prized possession.