Door to Door Transport

USTrans provides door to door transport which is the most common auto transport service. The loading and delivery of vehicles happens near customer’s home or office. Certain logistical and road restrictions may require customers to meet the transport carriers at a safe and convenient for the trcuker location for loading and unloading of the vehicle.

What you need to know about Door-to-Door transport

Customer's convenience and peace of mind is what team strive to achieve at every transportation of autos task. We ensure the communication with carrier is smooth and we assist our clients throughout the entire car shipping journey.

To help the trucker for the transportation of your vehicle, there are certain actions you should execute prior pick-up of your vehicle. For example:

  • Lookup a wide and safe spot for the trucker to perform loading and unloading on both addresses;
  • Prepare the vehicle by empyting out the interior and the trunk space of the vehicle from any personal items;
  • Remove any after-market attachments that may become potential road hazard during transport;
  • Check the battery to make sure the vehicle starts and drives by its own power;
  • Repair any oil and other fluid leakeages, as your vehicle may damage other vehicles on the truck during transport;
  • Preferrably don't fill up the gas tank full, but leave it at 1/4;
  • Remove any tollway pass devices as uneccessary charges my occur during transport.
Ensure your pick-up and delivery addresses are accessible for a 75 ft, 80,000 lbs vehicle carrier. Lowered vehicles with less than 4" ground clearance require a liftgate and an enclosed type of trailer. The pick-up and delivery spots must be safe for the driver to operate loading and unloading and wide enough to maneuvre the truck and trailer.

What to expect from Door to Door transport

In a perfect World ideally door to door transport means that the auto transporter will pick up your vehicle from your driveway and deliver your vehicle to your doorstep, but that’s not always the case. Be prepared upon driver’s request to pick a meet-up location for the truck and car trailer to safely pick-up and/or deliver your car. Door to door auto transport carriers will do their best to satisfy customer’s requirements and avoid any unnececssary iconveniences.

It is important to have direct contact with the provider due to better handle the logistics of the transport. Coordination about time and date of pickup and delivery of the vehicle is vital for the entire process.

As one of the leading door to door shipping companies we work with fully insured, certified and licensed carriers that will communicate with you directly. We understand the importance of a smooth experience for people who are looking for the best door to door car shipping possible.

Why Choose Door To Door Transport Services

Door to door transport is the most convenient way of moving a vehicle. It is also the most preferred by clients. Many companies are still working with terminals where you have to drive sometimes for hours to leave your vehicle for pick-up or pick up your delivered vehicle, but we offer door to door transport as our default service.

Customers provide a pick-up address and door to door delivery. There are cases when door to door delivery is neither possible nor safe when:

  • Streets are too narrow for the transport vehicle to safely maneuvre in and out of the residential area;
  • Low hanging treens and wires;
  • Neighborhood or complex weight restrictions to protect the underground infrastructure;
  • Low train bridges;
  • Truck prohibited streets and roads in downtown areas;
  • Uneven or unpaved terrain;
  • Busy streets;
  • Door to door transportation is not requested by customer.

It is highly recommended to lookup and provide an alternative address for delivery should the driver ask to meet him at a wider and safer place. We leave that to the driver’s discretion, but usually such places are shopping plazas, park, school or church parking lots, wide without much traffic streets where the transport vehicle could safely stop and driver to operate with your car and trailer ramps.

Door to door transportation also depends on:

  • Vehicle condition;
  • Access to and availability of specialized equipment for vehicle delivery and pick-up, when neccessary;
  • Locations, residential and downtown areas restrictions;
  • Local municipal regulations restricting truck to enter through or park of large vehicles.

Clients are to advise the delivery driver on the safest and best location for the drop-off of the vehicle that is being transported.

The Benefits of Our Door to Door Transportation Service

There’s a reason why our door-to-door auto transport is our default serice, it’s by far the most convenient method of vehicle delivery, as well as:

  • Saves the customer from the inconvenience of having to drive the vehicle to a remote location;
  • Makes it easier to transport inoperable vehicles;
  • Great option for exotic or high-valued cars;
  • Does not require for the vehicle to run and drive.

If you’ve asked yourself “What’s the best door to door transportation near me?” then you’re probably looking for convenience, safety and most of all – affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is USTrans involved in the process? team manages the entire transaction from booking to delivery. We ensure you get an experienced, licensed and insured driver for your vehicle transport. We ensure you're constantly informed about the whereabouts of your vehicle and we ensure you have contact with the actual trucker. We predict and avoid upcoming problems. Your peace of mind is our priority.

What if the carrier doesn’t show up to pick up my car?

USTrans team know will know beforehand should the dispatched carrier's plans experience sudden changes. While it might happen it's not a common practice. Trucking requires some serious planning and sudden unpredicted change of plans may occur due to delays from other customers or mechanical issues. But our customers shouldn't worry, as we will make sure to dispatch another truck as quickly as possible. We will keep you in the loop throught the entire process.

Can a broker guarantee a delivery?

In transport nobody can guarantee delivery on a certain date, time or deadline. While we can predict with 99% accuracy when a car will be delivered, there is always a chance that delays may occur due to weather, traffic, mechanicel issues and other customers' schedules.

What if I live in the city?

Should you live in the city and you area is prohibited for semi-trucks, then you'd have to coordinate with the trucker and pick a convenient spot beforehand. Make sure the place is accessible for a big car hauler, there is no traffic and there is plenty of wide space for the truck to maneuvre.

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