Enclosed Transport

Enclosed transport is a specialized service which aims to fully protect any transported vehicle. Due to its specialized nature, carriers usually charge more for transporting autos with it.

There are several variants of enclosed transport trailers, some are tailored towards the safe transport of high value cars like show cars, super cars or sports cars. Due to lowered suspension of high value vehicles, some enclosed trailers have a lift ramp which aids in their safe storage, those are the most expensive variations.

What are the benefits of enclosed transport

If you have a high valued auto which you’d like transported without a scratch or without exposing it to sunlight, rain or road chips, then the enclosed transport is a must. The more affordable variations have two levels which allows carriers to transport more than 1 vehicle at a time, however, due to their dimensions, only certain vehicles will fit in the allocated space.

Their biggest pro is that they fully protect autos from rain, hail and any other environmental effects which might damage the vehicle. They are also known to be a safer choice since they have security systems which prevent theft and vandalism.

The engineered ramps have a smaller angle, ideal for the pickup of vehicles with lowered or modded suspension which would otherwise be impossible to transport in a regular trailer.

Their height does not allow them to pass under certain bridges and infrastructure, which, depending on the drop-off location which you have chosen, may increase the cost of the job,. A big drawback to enclosed transport is its cost when compared to regular open transport trailer – high vehicles are also more difficult to transport in such a trailer and would require a private trailer to be allocate for them alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book an enclosed trailer?

When booking an auto transport with USTrans.com, you need to specify in your order the type of vehicle you are looking to have transported, and the trailer you’d prefer.

Are enclosed transport services only for expensive cars?

No, they are not. These types of transport options are available to anyone who would prefer that their vehicle be transported out of sight or out of the rain and winds of the road.

Are enclosed trailers really that safe?

Yes, they are far safer than open trailers. That is not to say that it’s not possible to break into one, however, due to the valuable nature of the cargo, and the higher cost of the service, carriers tend to be far more careful with where they drive and park the trailer.

Who should contact for an enclosed trailer?

When booking with USTrans.com, we will only allow the carriers with the aforementioned specialized equipment to bid for your particular order. There are professional companies who specialize solely with enclosed transport and ultimately those are those one who will be bidding.

Why is enclosed transport so expensive?

Because it can’t pass under all bridge so the route needs to be chosen carefully. Also the upkeep of the trailer is far more expensive than that of open trailers, which is included in the overall pricing of the service.