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You have an exotic or classic car you want to ship? Well, you are in the best place. Welcome to our website page where you can find more information on how to transport your classic car and be sure it will arrive in the safest way possible.

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Best tips to ship an exotic or classic car

You might wonder why we decide to have a look at exotic and classic car transport. We understand the unique value and significance of these vehicles and the need for specialized services that provide secure transportation.

Now it’s your time to find what is the best way to ship a classic car without worrying about safety measures.

What classic car transport companies don’t provide

After we know what most of the companies in the industry provide is important to point out a few things which are not part of the service but people usually think they are. USTrans is also an auto transport company that’s why can make the difference between what is included in the list of services and what is not.

Many people think shipping companies also provide maintenance and repair during delivery. The transportation services are focused on safe shipping and any repairs are not included. Another important thing is the owners of the vehicles are responsible to fuel tank at a quarter full before dropping it off for shipping.

Benefits of classic car shipping

When you have a classic car, it means you want to keep it unique as much as you can. What if you have to use it on the other side of the country? Would you risk driving it there? There is a better solution that is safer – a classic car shipping service.

The service includes enclosed transport where your exotic car will be protected from potential damage caused by external factors such as weather, road debris, and other hazards.

The service is performed by experts that with experience that will provide professional care for your classic vehicle. Using exotic and classic car shipping services will save you time and effort in searching for other ways to deliver your vehicle.

Did we win your hearth? Check out more about our services on our website and choose the one that fits your needs the most.

How much does shipping a car cost?

Car shipping prices vary widely depending on factors such as vehicle size, distance, route, and seasonality.

Classic car transport – what is included in the service

Classic auto transport is a customized transport solution that offers a tailored transport service to meet the specific needs of exotic and classic car owners. These vehicles require more care and additional protection during shipping. Due to their value and delicate nature, classic cars are usually transported in enclosed transportation. This way they stay protected from potential damage or road debris.

Experts that are in charge of the shipping process have experience with exotic and classic cars and perfectly understand the unique requirements of these vehicles. They performed securing, and unloading techniques that protect the cars and make the shipping safer.

Last, but not least exotic and classic car transport includes nationwide and international coverage. Companies that operate in this industry have a network of trusted carriers and partners that enables them to transport vehicles to various destinations.

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How much does shipping a car cost?

Car shipping prices vary widely depending on factors such as vehicle size, distance, route, and seasonality.