Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping puts a fast forward on your auto transport which reduces the delivery time drastically. This type of service is used whenever a client has a hard deadline – for example a car show, a race or they simply need their vehicle at a certain location within no less than 2 weeks.

How is expedited shipping possible

Whenever a client comes to us with a hard deadline, meaning, a vehicle must be transported very quickly, we put out an order into the auto transport network for said order. Usually, these types of services are picked up pretty quickly because they are more expensive and carriers make more money on them than regular shipping.

In order for a vehicle to be transported, a carrier must not only have an available auto transport trailer, but they must also be able to actually guarantee a time-slot of 3 days where the vehicle will be delivered. Depending on the deadline (example – 7 days), a carrier will immediately dispatch a transport vehicle immediately, solely for the purpose of your order.

Regular transport orders will take more time, because carriers will pick-up and drop-off other vehicles along the way to you. With expedite shipping, your vehicle is the priority, and for a carrier to manage your transport job, they must forgo other available transport opportunities.

Thus, the service is more expensive and it requires far more logistical savvy than regular transport jobs, due to the time requirement. For the smoothest operation possible, we recommend that you contact us no later than 2 weeks prior to the hard deadline, so we can provide the appropriate accommodations and contact and vet the transport carrier.

If the desired time of the delivery is less than a week, then the price will drastically skyrocket, which will also depend on the distance to your vehicle and to the drop-off location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is expedited shipping door-to-door?

It usually is. However, in the circumstances where the drop-off or pick up location are remote or out of reach for the size of trailer and semi-truck, then you’d be required to choose a suitable pick-up location where the trailer can maneuver safely.

What is the fastest expedited shipping?

While expedited shipping does mean faster than regular transport, a more realistic expectation of this service is no sooner than 3 calendar days. This really depends on the carrier and we cannot guarantee that the hard deadline will be met, in case where it is not met, you can file an insurance claim with the carrier for not meeting the deadline which they have approved previously.

Is expedited shipping available for Hawaii and Alaska?

Yes it is, however, due to the change of transport, i.e. sea based transport, you should book the service in advance so the carrier can accommodate the hard deadline which you have set. The latest you should be booking for overseas or Alaska and Hawaii based auto transport, should be no sooner than 7 days to the deadline of the delivery.

Can you guarantee that the deadline will be met?

Only the carrier who is involved with the transport of your vehicle can actually provide any sort of guarantee. USTrans.com is all about setting realistic expectations with auto transport, thus our job is to select a company which we know will be able to carry it out, but ultimately, the results depend on them and their planning.

What if I need my car shipped in 2 days?

Then we’d recommend choosing a later date. If the date cannot be move, then give us an immediate call so we can arrange a local carrier who is available. In cases like this, time is of the essence and we need to act quickly.