Military Transport

Moving and relocating to a new geographic location can be stressful, especially when you’ve been notified at the last minute. But when the call of duty comes, you need to drop everything and answer it, thus you find yourself scrambling to find suitable and safe military transport services to your new PCS.

What does our Secure Military Transport cover

We serve the U.S Military’s service men and women because they put their lives on the line each and every day. This is why we choose only those transport contractors who have proven themselves and we are familiar with, so we can guarantee that your personally-owned vehicle will be at your storage unit when you need it.

The cost of this service is covered by the U.S Military, providing a free transportation to any PCS for a single, personally owned military personnel vehicle on a door-to-door basis. We also provide the same service to VA members, currently serving members, dependants and specialists.

Why and when is this service necessary

Any relocation, regardless of the reason behind it, can be challenging if not handled with the logistics and time-scales in mind. This is where USTrans comes in to provide you the peace of mind, that your personally owned vehicle will be coming along with you on your new PCS.

Not all soldiers are in active combat, and when they are not, or are on a state-side deployment, they might be relocated to a specific training base or fort. Along with them, they can also request accommodations for family members, personal belongings and personal vehicles.

If you’ve ever been in such a scenario, you know how important it is for you to have your belongings with you, so you can have some sense of control. Thankfully, we work alongside with our serving military personnel and veterans from any branch of the military, to provide the best possible military transport service possible – no delays, no damage and no hassle.

How is Military Transport Done

The transport of all military personnel private vehicles is done with a specialized military transport truck. The overall specifics of the pick-up of the vehicle and the procurement of the required documents are done as per the rules of any particular military post.

Military transportation differs from regular transport service in that it is free for:

  • All serving military members serving in all armed forces;
  • Dependants of military personnel;
  • Veterans.

It’s also important to note that military transport falls under the protection of the full carrier insurance, protecting your vehicle from any sort of damage up to $250 000. The service is carried out on a specialized military transport vehicle, which can handle multiple loads going to a specific PCS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you actually guarantee the safety of my vehicle?

Yes, we absolutely can. Our goal with this service is to provide the highest quality transfer and delivery of your private vehicle. We achieve this by working with transport contractors who we know and have experience with.

How long will it take for my auto to be transferred to the new PCS?

We can provide express shipping in cases where military service men and women want their property and have a hard deadline. In cases where an estimated time of delivery is chosen as an option, we will provide a window of delivery when you should expect your vehicle to be dropped off at the storage unit you’ve chosen.

What if the car is damaged during transit?

All transportation jobs are covered by both our insurance and the carrier’s insurance policy with a coverage range of up to $250,000. To minimize the chance of damage of property during transit, you can book an enclosed transporter or you can request a cover be placed over the car.

Who can take advantage of the free shipping?

Currently serving military personal, veterans and dependants of enlisted military personnel have the right to a charge free car transfer to a new PCS location. We cover all military branches, including the U.S Military Space Force branch.

What sort of documentation should I provide before shipping?

You will need to provide several documents, the specification of which depends on whether your PCS is a state-side or foreign destination. If it’s a state-side PCS, then you will need to provide Vehicle recall printout, a Storage Acknowledgement Form, Orders entitling you to storage as well as Storage authorization letter from the transportation office.

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