Motorcycle Shipping

Motorcycle transportation is a specialized service which includes the safe and on-time pick-up and drop-off of any number of motorcycles. Regardless if you are a professional racer or you are an enthusiast who would like to change the location of his bikes or ATV’s, we can accommodate your needs fully.

What is our job

Our job is to ensure that your property is transported to the location of your desire. Our team, taps into the large nation-wide network of transport contractors and finds the professional who is able to transport your vehicle to a location of your choice.

We provide two main types of services – door-to-door and drop-off at a collection center where you can collect your motorbike. As the most common choice, door-to-door transport requires that you provide both addresses and send or receive them in person or have a notarized representative collect them.

It’s also important for you and us, that the transportation contractor is a licensed transport service and can provide proof of condition and ability to transport the aforementioned load. Due to security concerns, we vet all of the booked transport services and make sure that they are experienced in the trade.

When do people book USTrans bike transport

One of the biggest reasons why people use our motorcycle transportation services, is because they are looking for a convenient way of moving more than 1 bike from an address to an address. Due to the size of the US, traveling by road due to relocation purposes, is simply not viable and it requires an immense investment in time and money.

What it Takes to Ship a Motorcycle

Motorcycle shipping is a service that is done just like any other type of motor-vehicle transport service, with the main difference being the size of the load. The specifics of the transportation job itself depend on the number of motorcycles or ATVs that are being transported.

The fewer bikes are being transported, the fewer motorcycle shipping companies will be bidding, thus the price will increase. However, there are circumstances under which you can book a motorcycle transport for a fraction of the price.

The best cases of reduced motorcycle shipping costs are:

  • High volume of motorcycle shippers in your area;
  • Low market rates due to lack of shipments;
  • High volumes of motorcycles being shipped in your metro area;
  • Your pick-up and delivery addresses being near major road networks.

Most motorcycle transport companies will be looking for that high volume, because this means a reduced cost to their operation, for a higher yield per transportation course.

In order to ship motorcycle with, you need to specify the number and type of motorcycle that is being transported, as well as the deadline and beginning and end destinations. We will do our best to find the best price for your particular motorcycle delivery, so you can get the cheapest motorcycle delivery possible.

Shipping a motorcycle is a lot easier and simpler than moving cars, which is why you can expect extra low rates regardless of the time of year. Motorcycle movers tend to use smaller trailers, specifically ones modified to safely fit and store a minimum of 4 motorcycles.

The best motorcycle delivery services are those who have the equipment and experience in the field, which is what we will be looking for once you choose our services.

How does motorbike transfer and delivery work

There are several necessary steps for transporting a single motorbike to a specific location in the us, or more specifically:

Step 1
Secure the motorbike and ensure that it’s rolling
Step 3
Remove all personal items and sensitive documents
Step 5
Receive the vehicle at your address or collection center
Step 2
Book an estimated date or provide a hard deadline
Step 4
Have the motorbike or ATV available at pick-up date

For a completely fool proof transport job, we recommend that you leave ¼ of a gas in the bike and make sure the battery has a charge and it can roll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose you?

Because we provide a personal, job-by-job basis approach which takes into consideration the fine details of your particular case. This includes the amount of bikes, their size, type and condition.

How do you help the process?

We look and search for the most affordable and secure way of transporting your property. This includes tapping into the nation-wide transportation industry pool, sifting through more than 15 000 providers, in order to find the one who fits your needs the most.

What does your insurance cover?

Our insurance covers everything from theft, damage and cargo lost, to huge delays not due to extraordinary circumstances. The overall coverage for motorbikes is $250,000, for further information and details contact us directly at (708) 300-0063

How often do delays occur?

It depends on the carrier and the transfer platform you choose to do business with. The track record is that of 95% successful and trouble-free transfers due to our careful selection of transport contractors and the thorough vetting process we provide.

How much does a motorcycle transfer cost for NY to CA?

Due to this being one of the most common routes, the prices are one of the most affordable, especially considering the distance. The time of year and details of the job, like the condition, number and make of the bikes, also play a role into the price that providers quote us with.

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