Open Transport

An open auto transport is the most common way of transporting a vehicle from one location to another. It comes in different lengths and capacities, ranging from an 8-12 car trailer, to a single car, raised bed trailer, and depending on their size, they are used for different dimensions of autos.

What is Open Transport and Who is it For

The reason open transport car shipping is as common as it is, is because it’s more versatile in its application than the enclosed transport trailers. While open transport does not provide the same amount of protection as the enclosed variation, the versatility of the trailer comes from the angle of the ramps and the size of vehicles they can transport.

An open trailer can transport vehicles with varying heights and dimensions in a single trip which makes the job of a carrier a lot easier than if it were an enclosed transport. This is also why the price of transferring a vehicle with this type of a trailer is a lot more affordable than the latter.

What sort of cars use open transport

Due to their versatility, open transports can carry different types, models and sizes of cars at a time, meaning that even a Ford F150 can be transported, without it costing an arm and a leg. Depending on the size, weight and width of the vehicle, a special open transport with the capacity to carry that particular vehicle, would more suitable and safe.

However, those specialized, individual trailers, are more expensive for carriers and thus, for you to book, so keep that in mind when choosing.

What are the Specifics of Open Carrier Car Shipping

The first you need to know about open car transport is that it’s a lot cheaper and more widely available than any other type of transportation service out there. More than 99% of the transport companies out there have a fleet of open car carriers, which makes this service a lot more convenient in terms of availability.

However, there are some inherent risks of open transportation such as:

  • Road chips;
  • Weather conditions;
  • UV rays;
  • Vehicle is more exposed to birds;
  • Car is riding along with other vehicles.

That being said, carriers do provide insurance and do quite well in protecting any sort of motor vehicle that is being transported on their trailers.

Here’s How to Book Open Transport

The booking process requires the specific information for the make and model of the vehicle as well as if there are any suspension, visual or performance modifications which could make the transfer more difficult. In these cases, it’s vital to inform us, so we can choose a carrier who is capable to safely take on your load.

It’s also vital to understand that open auto transport has a larger volume of bookings throughout the year, especially during the warmer months in the North. This means that delays due to scheduling and large volumes of cars being picked up and dropped-off, you might experience longer delivery times.

An open car carrier will be more affordable, but might take longer and it might expose your precious cargo to road shipping and paint damage due to road conditions. If you have a high value vehicle, we highly recommend you take a look at our enclosed vehicle transport services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between open and enclosed transport

An open transport does not have any walls or a ceiling, thus making it possible to transport large vehicles like family vans and work trucks. An enclosed transport is used for high value, show, sports or super cars who have a low suspension and cannot get up steeply inclined ramps safely – enclosed have a lifting feature, whereas open ones have a foldable ramp.

Is open transport safe?

There is a limited risk of road chips hitting the car and mildly scratching the paint, however, those cases are quite rare. The only way an auto is secure to the auto transporter, is through straps, so theft, while also rare, is possible – if you want to make sure that you vehicle is 100% safe, then book a more expensive enclosed transport.

Why is my open transport as expensive as an enclosed?

This can occur due to several reasons and unfortunate events like a delay of the transport job on your end, an undisclosed immovable vehicle, an undisclosed oversized load and much more. This is why we recommend that you follow the protocol and are upfront – in the case where all of these conditions have been met, and you still receive a large charge, give us call immediately.

How can I make the carrier’s job easier?

If you are available at the location of the pickup, it’s good to make sure that the driver has enough space to maneuver and that the ground is level so the ramp can lay on an even ground. This will make the carrier’s job a lot easier and turn you into their favorite driver – food and drinks as a courtesy are also nice.

How can I keep my auto safe on an open transport?

Ask for a cover for the vehicle or put a cover on it to prevent rain and dust to damage pain. It’s also good to remove window wipers and fold side mirrors.

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