Amanda Roche /

USTrans helped me get back on my feet. After I lost my business, life’s been kinda hard, but speaking with the customer support people kinda brought back some enthusiasm back to me, that’s how you do business. These guys helped me move my van to Minnesota so I can start over. Thank you!

Elora Cole /

So I came back from Europe, but didn’t have the time go get my car back, so I used USTrans to assist and they were fantastic. I don’t really know how they select the carriers, but whoever made their selection process should get a medal – the carrier was fantastic, super organized and they were really honest with the delays – great job, USTrans!

Rio Salinas /

I chose USTrans as my auto transport platform because they were the only ones who were honest with me. They didn’t set unrealistic expectations just to get my money, they were straightforward from day 1 and were very helpful which I really appreciate – here’s to a 5 star Google Review!!

Kristen /

I’ve had bad experience with auto transport companies before which made me reluctant trying and trusting anyone else. Long story short – USTrans talk the talk and walk the walk which is super rare nowadays. I’m extremely happy with the service, they chose a very nice carrier who kept in touch with me.

Graig Lowel /

I live in LA, but had a show in Dallas and I didn’t want to rent a car so I had USTrans move my vehicle ahead of time so I could have I there. I’m generally satisfied with them, however, one thing that caught me of guard that the carrier changed the price at the last second, I don’t know who’s fault it is – we were able to clear everything up.

Elise Tyson /

When I received the orders to move again, I knew that this time I had to have my car with me, can’t be without a vehicle. So I found USTrans, they were very helpful in finding a suitable carrier, my moving date was just a week away and I had to use expedited shipping – good thing the military covers the expense.

Thomas Vickers /

I’m kind of relieved that it’s over. It’s my first time using an auto transport service across the country and I was scared that the car would get stolen and I’d never see it. Honestly it was a sigh of relief when I saw the semi pull up with my civic – it was a sight for sore eyes – glad I chose USTrans because they were honest and upfront with them from the get go – great service.

Gina Rivas /

Moving a car from Hawaii to mainland US would be a nightmare without the services of USTrans. I don’t really know the details, but by the end of it I felt like I swam the distance myself – good thing the carrier was upfront and they let me know whenever they were delays – you can’t control everything even if you wanted to.

Eli Mathews /

The overall experience of moving a car is super stressful, but USTrans were there to assist. The only issue I had was that they were a little late to reply to some of my messages, however, aside from that they were fantastic – I could not be happier.

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